If you are ready to shop for prom dresses, then these are the things you MUST KNOW before you go! Read up to be ready to find your perfect dress and have a great time doing it.

Must Know about prom dress shopping

  1. Wear the right undergarments. This might include no-show panties or a thong (underwear is a must), a strapless or stick on bra, Spanx, or other body slimming hosiery.
  2. Bring or borrow shoes. If you’re going to wear heels, trying them on with the dress will make all the difference in how great you look! Ask to try some on in store if you don’t already have yours.
  3. Only bring positive reinforcement. If your siblings are annoying, your parents too critical, or your friends too distracting leave them at home. Ask a carefully selected audience to help you pick out your dress and it will be a better experience for everyone! Just don’t forget to bring the person who’s paying (if it’s not you).
  4. Shop within your budget. If you know that your max budget is £150, looking at those gorgeous £400 gowns is only going to make you want what you can’t have. Unless you can find a way to increase your budget, don’t even think about trying them on!
  5. Pick what is right for your body. What looks great on your favorite celeb or your best friend might not be right for you. Find a style that flatters you and don’t be afraid to ask for help finding it!
  6. Prom Dresses run small. You can’t expect to try on your jean size and have them fit perfectly. Be prepared to try on a range of sizes, especially from brand to brand. No one will see the tag, so choose the size that fits best!
  7. Make sure you can sit down in it. It might look great standing in front of the mirror, but if you can’t sit in it, you’ll have a hard time riding in the car or sitting at dinner.
  8. Stores sell out of dresses. Sad but true! Especially during peak season, styles sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate to buy the dress you love. It might not be there when you come back!
  9. Choose the best time to shop. Weekends in the spring are the busiest time for prom stores. If you can avoid them, you’ll get more time in the dressing room and more personalized service. Or, beat the rush altogether by shopping as early as December or January.
  10. Be prepared to be helped. You might not be the type that wants hands on service, but this is one time you’ll need it. Prom dresses are delicate, cumbersome and expensive. Let the sales consultant help you zip up and hang up dresses. Show them how you look in a style and get advice about how it can be altered to look amazing on you.
  11. Befriend the sales consultant. Don’t be shy! Tell them what you’re looking for, what features you like, how you want to look, etc. and let them help you find it. They know the merchandise best and you’ll be amazed at what they can find!
  12. When you’ve found THE ONE stop looking. Don’t look at (or try on) one more dress. Don’t make yourself doubt your choice. Celebrate it and start shopping for accessories!
  13. It’s best to shop for accessories IN the dress. While in your dress, ask your consultant to help you find the perfect finishing touches. Get shoes that are the right height, a necklace that works with the neckline, and coordinate it all. Getting the full look and seeing how it all comes together doesn’t get any better than right now!
  14. Match your date’s tux accessories before you go. Ask your consultant to see the vest/tie swatches and choose a color to coordinate with your dress. No need to cut a swatch from your dress or send your dress with your date to get a match.
  15. Have fun with it! Don’t stress about the details. This is an exciting time – enjoy it!